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About me


034.png This user identifies as male.
251.png This user is 32 years old.
385.png This user's birthday is December 27.
131.png This user comes from the Netherlands.


253.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Grovyle.
004.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Charmander.
AG161.png This user's favorite anime episode is Vijfde Pokémon aan de wagen!.


Spr 4p 487O.png This user is a player of Pokémon Platinum Version.
Spr 4d 483.png This user is a player of Pokémon Diamond Version.


I'm Grovyle91 and I don't have any clue what to type here. So I just get started with something...

I love the Pokémon anime and games. I watch the Japanese and English anime, although I'm Dutch I'm still watching those because Jetix doesn't broadcast normally here (new season starts here around February - April, then each day a new episode, sometimes a marathon with 5-10 new episodes... you get the idea).

I've joined here because there are always some small things I wanna edit and correct it. And I want to claim the edits instead of some dumb IP address :]

For some of you that don't know, Grovyle is my favorite Pokémon. Charmander follows, because he's my favorite of the first two generations. Well, to be honest, Grovyle's become my favorite since Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. Although the episode Vijfde Pokémon aan de wagen! was my favorite then already.

For the rest I'm computer fanatic and develop some random applications for myself, first VB.NET, then C#. I've programmed in TI-BASIC and Flash too :p.

Grtzz!! Grovyle91.