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GladiariaAlata is a nineteen-year-old Chinese-British female living in the city of Hong Kong. She also goes around the net in various aliases like "Chou Nuriko", "ChibiSecchan" and "GladiariaAltaria".

She was first introduced to Pokemon in 1998, when the local TV station started broadcasting the Cantonese-dubbed Pokemon Anime. Unfortunately, the broadcast was stopped after Ash's 6th Kanto badge. Without the money and skills to obtain the Japanese episodes, she turned to the English-speaking fandom, as the English channels started broadcasting the USA-dubbed episodes. It was also around that period when she completed the Pokedex of her Pokemon Red by trading with kids from Pokemon section of a nearby department store.

Her passion for Pokemon lasted for about two years, in which she produced her very first fanfic--a PokéShipping short series that she almost had no recollection of. For the following four years until her high school graduation, her Pokemon obsession was squashed under the pressure of public exams. It was until the summer prior to her first university year when the passion was reignited because of the Pokemon Special as she found out accidentally that she shared the same name with one of the Johto Trainers Trio (the one who stole a Totodile from Prof. Elm, to be exact). After getting a dangerous obsession with the series and Winona the Fortree Gym Leader, she is now trying to be an all-round expert about this manga series. She is also trying to spread GracefulShipping around the Chinese, English AND Japanese fandom.

Being an active Japanese learner, she is currently trying to practice more by teaching the children Karate class as well as by reading manga in original Japanese (despite the fact that they're almost twice the price of the translated copies).