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About me

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Hello Everyone

I recently joined Bulbapedia and wanted to make my own super cool page. Following is a list of my favorite Pokémon of all time♪

δMy Favoritesδ

Spr 2c 196.png Spr 3e 196.png Spr 4p 196.png
Espeon, my personal favorite
Spr 2c 197 s.png Spr 3r 197 s.png Spr 4p 197 s.png
Umbreon, My number two guy
Spr 2c 248.png Spr 3e 248.png Spr 4d 248.png
Tyranitar, My powerhouse
Spr 1y 149.png Spr 2c 149.png Spr 3e 149.png Spr 4d 149.png
Dragonite, My other powerhouse
Spr 3e 381.png Spr 4d 381 s.png
Latios, My favorite legendary
Spr 4d 448 s.png Spr 4p 448 s.png
Lucario, Just looks sexy

☆Sexy Pokémon☆

Spr 4d 150.png Mewtwo - Come on, thats just pure sexiness. Straight from Kanto
Spr 4p 212 m.png Scizor - Johto red sexiness for sure
Spr 4p 359.png Absol - Hoenn sexiness right here
Spr 4p 491.png Darkrai - Sinnoh beauty (kinda emo though)

♥Cute Pokémon♥

Spr 4p 133.png AND Spr 4d 037.png Eevee and Vulpix - I just love these Kanto guys so much
Spr 4p 175.png Togepi - No competition in Johto
Spr 4d 351.png Castform - Hoenn has cute and versatile
Spr 4p 403 m.png Shinx - Electric lion is the champion of Sinnoh

♫Favorite Legendaries♫

Spr 4d 151 s.png Yay Mew!
Spr 4d 251 s.png Go Celebi!
Spr 4d 385.png Hooray Jirachi!
Spr 4p 490 s.png Dude, look it's a Manaphy!
Spr 4p 492S s.png Hey a Shaymin!