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About me

My name is Frank, and I've been playing since Pokémon Gold and Silver came out. I now own Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver with a dead internal battery (no game-saving), Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. I do not have a DS, so I don't play Diamond and Pearl, nor do I have a friend code. I no longer watch the anime.

As a gamer

I consider myself a battle-breeder. I'm always thinking of how to breed Pokémon to make them better in battle. For example:



Nature - Adamant (boosts ATK, lowers SP ATK)


  • Spore - level up
  • False Swipe - egg move bred from Scyther
  • Swords Dance - TM move bred from Scyther, who learns it from leveling up
  • X-Scizzor - level up

By taking Parasect's above-average Attack stat (base 95) and using that to my advantage, I can make a decent physical sweeper (and ultimate wild Pokémon-catcher) out of an otherwise useless Pokémon. Using Swords Dance makes Parasect's attacks even better, and with the addition of Spore and False Swipe, this Pokémon is now ideal for catching wild Pokémon. As for X-Scizzor, it's the best Bug move out there! If you don't want to search the Safari Zone for a Paras, check the GTS or import one from FR/LG using the Pal Park. Another example:



Nature - also Adamant


  • Fire Punch - egg move bred from Hitmonchan
  • Ice Punch - egg move bred from Hitmonchan
  • Thunderpunch - (yet another) egg move bred from Hitmonchan
  • Karate Chop - level up

Since Machamp also has a high Attack stat (base 130!) and can learn a large array of move types, I can use him to dominate nine different types. The reason I don't simply use Hitmonchan in battle is because his Attack is lower (base 105) than Machamp's.

By the way, I never battle competitively with legendary Pokémon, and whoever does is a cheapskate who can't take the time to raise "inferior" Pokémon. I also don't like using glitches to actually beat other people or get ahead in the game; just for fun. =P (Quick link to my signature)