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Recasting controversy

Like most others, he too was distraught by the whole thing. He never did watch the original Mastermind dub though. He also thought the voices weren't as good, but he laid back, continued to watch the anime, and was surprised at the improvements that were made. Now he is enjoying the anime even more than he once was for the following reasons.
1. No more paint edits
2. No ridiculous dialouge edits (kept to a minimum and only when needed)
3. Kept pieces of japanese music 4Kids never did (and more of it as of recent)
And some more reasons.
I think the anime dub could improve a bit more, and that's where SONVA comes in


What that stands for is Support Our New Voice Actors. They serve as a support group for the new dub of Pokemon. They also provide constructive criticism to how the dub and distribution of Pokemon can be improved. Their motto is "Respect the old, Support the new!". They aim to find reasonable ways to make the Pokemon dub and VA's the best they can be. They are mainly active on the SPPF branch [1]