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Item Floors
MDBag Oran Berry RTRB Sprite.png Oran Berry ??


1 - Item name
2 - Article to link to instead; exists mostly because Mystery Dungeon items don't have their own articles. Ideally most of them should have their own articles, with this being relegated to a special field for the few items that should be grouped together, like exclusive items, Unown stones or the aura bows.
3 - Item spawn range. Does not have the F currently found because I find it unnecessary; the header is self-explanatory for this.
4 - Item spawn amount; used for items that spawn in stacks, like money or throwing items.
sprite - Item sprite; used to override sprites. Ideally this should override sprites for item types that share them, such as Seeds or Wonder Orbs. special will display no sprite in case it's needed.
game - Mystery Dungeon version, modifies the sprite part to fit. Most items have slightly different palette in Explorers, but not all; these use RTRB palette. Certain items that do not exist in Time and Darkness but do in Sky use Skyextra. As the WiiWare games exist in a weird era between turning 3D and not having minisprites for inventory, they use Explorers sprites instead. This is a bandaid solution, as there are some new items not found in Sky.
shop - Kecleon Shop price. If empty, the relevant section does not appear at all.
note - Used to add notes to items if needed.