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Hey, hi, hello! Eeveelution Lilly here. Eevee, Lilly, El, Eevly, and so on are fine, too.

About me

My main focus on here is working on improving the merchandise pages, as it's something I'm interested in and I feel Bulbapedia can be a bit lacking when it comes to them. As such, I also do work over on the Archives, uploading images and sometimes making minor edits and adding missing category tags and such. I'm mainly interested in working on the pages about toys and Pokémon Center campaigns, but that doesn't stop me from working on other ones as well. I'm very particular about spelling, grammar, and formatting, so I do those sorts of minor edits as well. I also try to seek out references to cite when I can, as I feel that's another thing that can be a bit lacking around here, and adds particular credibility to the merchandise pages. There are still plenty of missing merchandise pages, and I'll try to seek those out and flesh them out on a work-in-progress page before getting them out there. If anyone has any good information or sources to help me in my endeavors, I would much appreciate it! The other way around as well; if there's anything else I can do to help out, just let me know!

Works in progress

Ctrl+F "Eeveelution Lilly" on either of these pages to find my current works in progress. Alternatively, search for "User:Eeveelution Lilly" in the search bar.

Some merchandise sources