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I am Difinedefinition, though my player name on all of the games is Grey (now I know this sounds ridiculous now, but I made it my name when FireRed came out; so it's not related to Generation V, so no stick!). I consider myself a trainer as I find some of the competition/musical pointless and insufferable; (especially the musical, it's just a pointless cut animation, you can't control it ,get better or judged) though I do not train based on EVs and rarely use stat boosting items. Though I do have a passion for Palkia, can't stand those whom are Ash Ketchum followers and thus don't use the most powerful Pokémon in the game, I have four and they are all Lv. 100s and one is shiny. My favorite two moves are obviously Spacial Rend and funnily enough is Magma Storm, both respectfully the most powerful non-negative effect moves of their type, with 130 and 150!!! power. Obviously, my team would be constructed from pokemon and elements of those which I personally value. Subsequently my strongest current team is as follows:

I'm guessing that half of everyone reading this is under fifteen, as am I; though are probably not a Caucasian British kid growing up in South East Asia. That's all the internet child stalkers will know of me. But take this child groomer, I am a GUY! Apart from that slightly odd note there; I edit articles generally on Mystery Dungeon (please sign me up as part of project side games!) and Pokémon mythology. I'm open to chat if anyone wants to battle or ask a question on anything. Bye!

  • Before anyone accuses me of it, it was not hacked I am extremely lucky. I also have a black Charizard also Lv.100 (from an egg).
Spr 4d 253.png
Grass Unknown
No ability
Held item:
Sceptile Lv.100
Leaf Blade
Grass Unknown
Energy Ball
Grass Unknown
Frenzy Plant
Grass Unknown
Normal Unknown