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Today's saying: I'm pathetic.

Hi! Welcome to my userpage!Spr 3e 025.png

Here's a link to my sandbox:User:Dawnfan47/SandboxSpr 3e 028.png

About Me

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Hi fellow Bubapedians! Right now I am working on my template skills. Next will be missions!

Trainer Cards

f1e76180ce85dee8b1dff155f10697f4.png This one is for Kanto.

9fbd6dc1b034d1183265c3785626622c.png This one is for Johto.

f95d918e0dbda1b31f214644690589ad.png This one is for Hoenn.

c4c278fce088c7539053b7cedd0b0cc6.png This one is for Sinnoh.

They are all fake. I just made them because I felt like it. I'll probably make a million of these after this and paste them on to a Microsoft Publisher blank document. Then I can print them all out and glue them on to poster board so I can hang it in my room.


Here's one of my favorite YouTube Pokémon videos: [Parody Episode 1]