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A Bulbapedia user who enjoys the pokemon games and looking up information about his favorite pokemon.

Favorite Pokemon Umbreon

I don't know why, it's just an overall cool pokemon. It has high defenses and a good amount of health so I can use it as a defensive pokemon and follow up with strong attacks. Also, the rings on its' body give it this spooky look which is perfect for a dark type.

Least Favorite Pokemon Gyarados

Gyarados is a cool pokemon and all, but I don't agree with it's type. I think it should be a water/dragon type. I just don't see a gyarados flying and it just looks like a dragon, it even learns dragon type moves.

Badges obtained

Kanto League

Boulder Badge

Cascade Badge

Thunder Badge

Rainbow Badge

Soul Badge

Marsh Badge

Volcano Badge

Earth Badge

Johto League

Zephyr Badge

Hive Badge

Plain Badge

Fog Badge

Storm Badge

Mineral Badge

Glacier Badge

Rising Badge

Hoenn League

Stone Badge

Knuckle Badge

Dynamo Badge

Heat Badge

Balance Badge

Feather Badge

Mind Badge

Rain Badge

Sinnoh League

Coal Badge

Forest Badge

Cobble Badge

Fen Badge

Relic Badge

Mine Badge

Icicle Badge

Beacon Badge