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The Dark Lord

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My Pokémon History

My first ever Pokémon game was a faulty Pokémon Crystal. It was faulty because it wouldn't save, and it only occurred to me after I got rid of it is that I only needed to keep it on charge 24/7. I bought Pokémon Ruby and owned every Gym with my Treecko in a single day, and carried on to obtain a Salamence and the Regis. After 2 years of being unable to obtain Firered or Leafgreen, Emerald came out, so I bought that instead. DP bought a whole new version of Pokémon to me, mass communication. My friend Fantom0 was my Sparring partner and my best friend, apart from the fact he has beaten me every time I have fought him... Anyway, Pt was a change, I obtained a Giratina that became a Cornerstone in my team, until I got bored of it and transferred my Salamence. HGSS was fun, and provided me with my Ultra powerful Typhlosion with stats which where above the limit, despite being a hand raised, perfectly normal Typhlosion. The next chapter begins in the Unova region, starting with Black and White, where I plan to grab a Snivy and get a Zekrom, and/or/maybe a/supposing if blaargh, a Sazandora. And after all that, I ended up with a Krookadile. I transferred all my Pokémon over from HGSS and Pt, and am finally getting into the competitive side of things. so yay.

My Team and Their Stories

Mostly all these following tales are completely and utterly false, so meh.



Little Forry was a cast of from an experiment a friend of mine carried out. He did not need the Male Pineco, so he gave it to me. I raised Pineco with only one purpose, to make sure that when the opponent switched in, they would wish they had never been born. Pineco excepted his fate and evolved into a Forretress, and now Spikes, T.Spikes and Stealth Rocks to his heart's content. He has developed a taste for Custap Berries.



Volcanoe was born to Erupt. It started when i got it as a Cyndaquil, and we where training it's ember attack. Instead of firing out of it's mouth, it shout the embers out of it's back fire. As a Quilava, this activity increased, even trying to shoot Solarbeam out of it's head fire, only managing to shoot it out of it's tail fire and OHKOing Vapour. As soon as he learnt Eruption as a Typhlosion, he spent 40 days and nights taking out Psyducks in the pond on route 6 to Raise his Sp.Atk EVs and resistance to water.



Vapour was all ways a serene creature. Raised from an Eevee with a Jolteon for a Father, and an Espeon for a mother, she quickly showed her strength in the Sp.Atk stat, and swiftly evolved into a Vapoureon after stealing a Water stone from another trainer who was about to evolve their Shellder. It thought it was invincible, but the hefty rear end solar beam corrected her thoughts. Since then, she obeyed instructions completely, but just to convince me to ignore Volcano. Volcano and Vapour cannot be used in a double battle, otherwise they would keep on attacking each other rather than the opponent.



Jolt the Jolteon is Vapour's brother, and is extremely lazy. He won't do anything except Yawn. However, if threatened, he strikes fiercely with is Thunderbolt and Hidden Power. He is also quite quick tempered, and only trusts people and Pokémon he knows.



Syforax was found as a fossilised Ninjask in some two thousand year old amber. Some research was done on him, and it turned out he was once the Apprentice of the great Scarlet Streak, a master ninja Scizor from ancient times, who's descendants still survive today.

The Real Me

In real life, i am a easygoing, laid back, you could even say lazy kinda guy. I am a ginger child, but im less hot headed than most gingers.

The Development of PokeShadow

Me, Fantom0 and Brhalalamlamlkamlamkalm are making a website as you speak.

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