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The life I have.

Hi to all Bulbapedians, My name is Daniel, My nicknames are DemoDan, DemonDaniel, GhostDemon etc. But refer to me as Daniel's Raichu if you want. As a 20 year old, I don't tend to do much on Pokémon but when I get the chance, well lets say its a different story, As my username suggests, I am a fan of Raichu, I always admired Raichu's tenacious nature and his overwhelming power towards Pokémon bigger than he is. Overall I possess 15 Raichus and training all of them to Lvl 100. When I not in the mood for Pokémon, I usually reside to my Xbox 360, As a 360 addict, All of my games are based on Halo, so in the sense I am a Hardcore Halo fan and no Call of duty fanboy will stop me for my ultimate goal: Halo Reach. I am also waiting for the coveted Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver versions, P.S. Yes, I do know that both these games are out, but I am waiting for the right opportunity to buy it. I tend to go bonkers when I say "So I herd u liek Mudkipz", classic I tell you. My home country is the United Kingdom and the city I was born in is Birmingham.

How I got into Pokémon

As a 20 year old, I have my reasons for liking Pokémon. It all came from watching the very first episode of Pokémon. Under construction at the moment.

Personal Info

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Personal Favourites

100.png This user watches football.
This user's favorite band is Breaking Benjamin.
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