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O.K I will tell u what I do, but not who I am. I am not an idiot. I am only 10, but look at WAAAAYYY too many things that I shouldn't. MANGA AND VIDEO GAMES IDIOTS!!!(sickos...). They r rated T. I also luv Chinese food, anything, and comedy. Soooooo...yeah. Ummmmmm...I...NEXT SECTION! WAIT!!! 1 more thing. I am a (static).  :( I said I am a (We now interrupt this...) GAAAHHHHH!!! IAMA♂!!!!!!

Friends and me

I think of myself as comic relief to my friends. NO I am not Brock, one of Ash's friends. I just fall victim to their pranks. The only one who doesn't is my friend Gavin. My BEST freind even pranks me. He sucks though. Do NOT tell Conor!! Yeah this is Pat...(mmph!) OK! My real name is Patrick. OK, um... so now that u all know me, I gotta go. Be back!

Just to get it over with, here is User:DaPikanator56/Story1