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Hello I am an aspiring voice actor who hopes to do several voices in the future for Pokemon. I am totally blind. My favorite pokemon are Azumarill, entei, Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, Zorua, Axew, Marill, and Treecko. I as of late have seen movies 1 through 7, 11, and 13. I have never and will never watch the Japanese versions, as i am terrible at understanding other languages, but I do admire the work they have done. Great job. I hate it when people correct me due to my pronunciations of the words status (stay tuhs), data (day tah), and missile (miss ile) I love hearing music from the first 3 English pokemon movies and the first two Pikachu shorts in episodes, and pray that I hear them in future episodes again. My favorite pokemon movies are Pokemon the First Movie and Pokemon 3, Spell of the Unown. My favorite episodes are Address Unown and A Poached Ego. My favorite Pokemon Chronicles episodes are Celebi and Joy, Training Days and Trouble in Big Town. My favorite voice actors are Veronica Taylor, Kayzie Rogers, Mike Pollock, Rachael Lillis, Megan Hollingshead and Eileen Stevens. Favorite PIkachu short: Obviously Pikachu's vacation. Favorite dub: 4kids , PUSA/TPCI s all right, but nothing can beat 4kids to me anyway. Goal: Create 2 Pokemon specials as a thank you to the series, I'm only writing the story idea, and am open to suggestions. I am inventing 4 pokemon: Golgotha, the pre-evolve form of mew Alion, the pre-evolve form of Deoxys Iciclea, the freezing pokemon and Glacies, the evolve form of Iciclea Golgotha comes from the fact that it is a mysterious pokemon Alion is a play on the word alien Iciclea is a play on the word icicle and the fact that it like Jynx appears to be a female and Glacies, a play on the word Glacier. Glacia would sound too much like Glacion. Please, be open to my ideas, and I will happily be open to yours. Happy editing