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Use parameter 1 for the game. Acceptable values for parameter 1 are R, B, Gr, Y, G, S, C, Ru, Sa, E, FR, LG, D, P, Pt, HG, and SS. For girls, use Cf, Ruf, Saf, Ef, FRf, LGf, Df, Pf, Ptf, HGf, or SSf instead. Black and White are currently NOT compatible with this team template.

Use parameter 2 for the header text, like if you want to change it from "A listing of all of my teams" to something else.

Use "align" to specify alignment, specifically if you don't want the table centered.

To make it so it WON'T expand, type |expand=<insert random typing here. Yes that's right, insert random typing where it says to. It won't expand if "expand" has any other value than "yes", and that the non-"yes" value is specified.