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I was the last person to edit this page. As you can tell, I did an amazing job with my work. Email me Talk to me Archives talk Send a private message Chiefboz is awake, but may or may not be online right now. You can still leave messages on Chiefboz's talk page, and they will be answered and dealt with as quickly as possible.

This is a complete list of all of the entries I've made to the Christmas Improvement Drive. Let's hope I do good!

Article Name URL Revision Before Mine Reservation Status
Dungeon Dungeon Cold (talk) Not reserved
Battle Royale Battle Royale Metagross666 (talk) Not reserved
Ranger Depot Ranger Depot BulbaBot (talk) Not reserved
Marowak Dojo Marowak Dojo Werdnae (talk) Not reserved

If you want to be my competition, head to the submission page and add your stuff to the ever-growing list. But hurry! The countdown on the right says how much time is left to get those entries in!

This list should be updated to the submission page. If it isn't, it should be within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can bug me about it and I might get it updated.