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I have had several encounters with Shiny Pokémon and here they are.

4th Generation


Spr 4h 019 m s.pngSpr 4h 020 m s.png

I caught Raticate at the Pokémon Mansion in my LeafGreen Game while it was a Rattata. I transfered it to my original Diamond Game and trained it to Lv. 100 just for kicks but I lost it when it got crushed under my car.


Spr 4p 356 s.pngSpr 4p 477 s.png

I got Dusknoir off of the GTS as a Dusclops and quickly evolved him. I trained him to Lv. 100 once again but unlike Raticate it served a role on my team and was used competitively on my team as an annoyer and tank. He was lost too, however, when my car crushed my game cartridge. I now have Dusclops on my Sapphire team to honor it.


Spr 4h 130 f s.png

It should be very obvious how I got this. Other then taking up space in my box it is my main HM slave.

5th Generation

With the creation of GTS Negotiations, my career with shinies has increased tenfold, to the point where I currently have thirteen and plan to create a Shiny team. They are shown in order of acquisition.

Interim Shinies

Spr 5b 635 s.png
Spr 5b 212 f s.png
Spr 5b 068 s.png
Spr 5b 511 s.pngSpr 5b 512 s.png

These are shinies that served no purpose other than being cogs in trade sequences. I got Scizor and Hydreigon from the same guy, Mewtwo for Hydreigon and Entei for Scizor, and while I initially thought Hydreigon was legit, I saw Scizor was hacked, did a little more digging, and realized that Hydreigon was hacked as well so I traded both away.

Machamp I got from a Thundurus but I chose to trade it away due to questionable authenticity (caught in Master Ball), a dumb nickname (Mackogneur, which I later found out was his French name), and not good enough coloration for me to keep him.

Pansage I got from this huge Dream World trading session, it in particular I gave a DW Ledyba, but its coloration wasn't that great, so I evolved it first to make it more noticeable and the traded it away.


Spr 5b 261 s.pngSpr 5b 262 s.png

I got Mightyena as a Poochyena in my SoulSilver version for six Rare Candies. I then EV trained him, evolved him, snapped a photo with him, and transferred him to my Black game.


Spr 5b 250 s.png

Ho-Oh was what I traded for shiny Hydreigon. I'm always kind of wary when it comes to trading for shiny legendaries but it looks legit enough to me.


Spr 5b 076 s.png

Golem was what I got for shiny Scizor. I know that it's legit, it was caught in a Master Ball, and I like him a lot even though other people on Negotiations frown him a lot.


Spr 5b 622 s.png

Golett was traded for a Kyogre, a Pokémon I was trying to unload for quite a bit, and I he's one of the shinies that I'm closest to me, and I think I'm going to EV train him and maybe make him one of my reserves.


Spr 5b 541 s.pngSpr 5b 542 s.png

I got Leavanny as a Swadloon for a Latios, and while I felt bad for trading away my Latios, a Pokémon I caught myself, I quickly got over it and grew attached to my new shiny. I then chose to evolve him (since my brothers said his shiny sprite was dumb) by walking around while hatching eggs and then using a Rare Candy to evolve him.

Crazy Dream World Session

Spr 5b 404 f s.png
Spr 5b 144 s.png
Spr 5b 628 s.png
Spr 5b 545 s.png
Spr 5b 598 s.png

I got the amazing luck of running into a man in need of Dream World Pokémon, and when I offered him my collection (all caught in Dream Balls), he preceded to offer me shiny after shiny. All of their names are written in Japanese except Scolipede, whose name is in English. Simisage was in this group too, but he was traded away quickly. The exact sequence was:

  • DW Ponyta → Luxio
  • DW Tangela → Articuno
  • DW Poochyena → Braviary
  • DW Zubat → Scolipede
  • DW Sentret → Ferrothorn


Spr 5b 560 s.png

Scrafty is what I trade Simisage away for. His name is listed as his french name, Baggaïd, a name that I think is awesome considering the umlaut over the i.


Spr 5b 553 s.png

The guy who gave me Golett also gave me a second Thundurus (which I traded away for Machamp) and a second Reshiram. After trying to unload it for a long time the same guy who gave me Scrafty offered to give me Krookodile for it, an offer I accepted.

Brother's Shinies

4th Generation

Spr 5b 150 s.png
Spr 5b 218 s.png
Spr 5b 249 s.png
Spr 5b 254 s.png
Spr 3r 293 s.png
Spr 5b 483 s.png

My brother had a far more lucrative career with shinies than I do this gen, with his GTS work. His Whismur is the only shiny he actually found in the wild, in his Ruby game that he no longer has, and all of the rest are from GTS trades. Both his Mewtwo and Lugia are hacked shinies. Lugia is stated to come from Johto instead of a faraway place and it was said to have been caught in 2006, far before HGSS. Mewtwo was found in Kanto but it states that it was caught at level 50, where the only Mewtwos that can be found are level 70, meaning both are fake. He seems to be closest to his Slugma, which also has Flame Body, making it a favorite of his for breeding, and he refuses to evolve it since he thinks its evolved sprite is dumb.

5th Generation

Spr 5b 073 s.pngSpr 5b 160 s.png
Spr 5b 474 s.png
Spr 5b 617 s.pngSpr 5b 306 s.pngSpr 5b 564 s.png
Spr 5b 553 s.png

This time I have done better than my brother. He currently has four shinies, the arrows show the trade sequence amongst shinies. His Tentacruel was legit but he ditched it in a heartbeat for Feraligatr, one of his favorite Pokémon ever.

His Porygon-Z was a Wifi Gift. I don't know what that means or if it's okay or not but whatever.

He was stalled on the Tirtouga sequence for a while, since both Accelgor and then Aggron were hacked. But he's very happy with the end product.

Krookodile kind of saddens me, since I also have one, and because of him I may trade it in the near future. But we'll see