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About me

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Uhm... This is the place where you tell something about yourself, right? Anyway, I'm Bravo Six, but some people might know me as Romeo One-One or Roach. All of these names show how addicted I am to CoD:MW 1 and 2, but I'm also a Pokémon fan. Duuh. I was born on 13 October 1997 in Oude Wetering, The Netherlands. I'm a native speaker of Dutch, but I also speak English. So, I say hi.

Real-World Information

Full Name: Angelo Danilo Di Summa, Place Of Birth: Oude Wetering, Birthday: 13 October 1997, Gender: Male, Age: 12 Location: Oude Wetering, Direct Relatives: A little brother, two parents, Other Relatives: Helluva lot, Pets: 3 cats, Kobus, Lino, Snooze. We first had five, but two are deceased.


Pokémon, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, weapons & weapons systems (Army Geeks FTW), Swimming

Facts about me

- I have Aspergers, I'm a member of the Orange Berets, I'm an army geek, and I have a chronic headache.

This introduction is kinda confusing, I guess.