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Hi. My name's BoygeyMario! (Might change it to BoygeySlash soon though.) You may already know me from Super Mario Wiki, DeviantArt, Steam, etc. I became a Pokémon player in Generation VI when I played Pokémon X & quickly became a huge Pokemon fan! I especially love to play, pet, & love my Pokémon! This page will be improved overtime.

My beloved Pokémon & their stories

The main 5

BoygeySlash's Silbre / Kalabel / Gulabre (All ♀)
Silbre / Kalabel / Gulabre (All ♀)
I first met Silbre in the tall grasses of Palais Lane in Kalos. Her name comes from silber & sabre. Evolving her was very difficult, as it wasn't until she reached level 84 when she finally evolved into an Aegislash, but was all worth it given all the time we spend together. She was always (& still is) my absolute strongest Pokemon in Kalos, as she can easily defeat a level 100 Mega Evolved Mewtwo in only 2 hits.

Eventually, she bred with a Klefki & gave birth to Kalabel (from ʻo ke kālā & säbel) who hatched on the streets of Lumiose City & was sent to Alola to be trained by my Alolan trainer counterpart. She was rather tricky to raise given she wasn't born in Alola, but still had proved to be a reliable partner & close friend. I've entrusted her with the Steelium Z crystal.

I later befriended another Honedge I found on Akala Outskirts who I named Gulabre. (from ʻo ke gula & sabre) She's just as powerful as any Aegislash, but also enjoys relaxing over at Poké Pelago.

Debut Palais Lane (Silbre)

Hatched in Lumiose City (Kalabel)
Akala Outskirts (Gulabre)

BoygeySlash's Cassie (♀)
Cassie (♀)
In Kalos, I met Cassie in the riverside of Dernière Way, having saved her from countless hostile Basculin. We became close really fast & she leveled up fairly quickly. I decided to evolve her into a Dragonite at the Pokemon-Amie Cafe in Lumiose City because it fit with her playful, sweet, & loving personality.

In Alola, I found her in Vast Poni Canyon / Poni Meadow. Raising her in Alola was rather trickier given I didn't have the Lucky Egg for her to hold, but she eventually became a Dragonite at the Hau'oli City beachfront. She loves playing & relaxing on Alola's beaches.

No matter where she lives, she's always a very sweet, peaceloving, & pure-of-heart dragon girl. She always has a strong sisterly love for Wheezie the Goodra, looking up to her as her big sister. Despite being one of the so-called Pseudo-legendaries, Cassie actually prefers to avoid battling, & much rather enjoys playing & being snuggled with. She is named after the pink dragon Cassie from DragonTales.

Debut Dernière Way (Kalos)

Vast Poni Canyon / Poni Meadow (Alola)

BoygeySlash's Wheezie (♀)
Wheezie (♀)
In Kalos, I met Wheezie along the Laverre Nature Trail. She started out with a rather slow-paced attitude, but became increasingly energetic & clingy the more time we spend together. She evolved into a Goodra in Laverre City, not far from where we first met, & became closer than ever!

In Alola, finding her was quite tough, but we eventually met in the Lush Jungle. We found places like Alola Route 17 & Tapu Village to be very convenient places for her to evolve. While she enjoys the rain, she also enjoys playing in the warm Alolan sunshine.

Although she tends to be somewhat more impulsive than Cassie, she is still a very sweet, loving, pure-hearted dragon girl with a strong sisterly love towards Cassie, always looking out for her. Like Cassie, she much prefers playing & cuddling over Pokémon Battling, but is always willing to help Cassie when in need. She is named after the purple dragon Wheezie from DragonTales.

Debut Laverre Nature Trail (Kalos)

Lush Jungle (Alola)

BoygeySlash's Zak (♂)
Zak (♂)
Story coming soon...
Debut Lumiose City (Kalos)

Alola Route 3 (Alola)

BoygeySlash's Pikababy (Either gender)
Pikababy (Either gender)
Story coming soon...
Debut Santalune Forest (Kalos)

Alola Route 1 (Alola)