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Blackjack Gabbiani, long may she reign, is a somewhat hyper twentysomethinger located somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She is noted in the Pokémon community mainly for her obsession with Jirarudan, and her infamous darkfics. It should be mentioned as well that she named Diamondshipping, Lilacshipping, and Commandshipping, among others.

She firmly believes that she sucks beyond suck at the card game, yet somehow managed to win the Hidden Legends and FireRed/LeafGreen prerelease tournaments.

Her favorite Pokémon is Vileplume, and wished for years for a parrot pokémon before the creation of Chatot (happy now everyone? That's what she gets for not logging into her account since before DPP came out)).

Blackjack is a major Team Rocket fan, and wishes to circulate that Kaede is one of the most awesome agents ever. She would also like to see the fandom give more love to the supporting Rockets (and stop hatin' on Vicious--he may be traitorous scum, but it makes for good ficcage!). Of late, however, she's gained a passion for Team Galactic, although admits that even Cyrus's awesome isn't enough to make her convert from Kefkaism (because she was a Final Fantasy fan before Pokémon ever hit American shores).