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Unnecessary glut of usertags

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Well, hello there

I'm Bikini Miltank and this is my userpage. I'm mostly active over on Bulbanews, which I edit under my true identity. Here, I'm mostly concerned with either making minor corrections to grammar and punctuation, or attempting grand, ludicrous projects to transform the entire wiki. And nothing in between.

Some stuff about me

I started with Pokémon Yellow at the tender age of 19, and I've been an admirer of the series since then. My favourite aspect of the series is the designs: as frustrated as I might be with mechanics such as HMs (ugh), Safari Zones (gah) and roaming legendaries (seriously, why?), it's the imaginative creature designs that keep me coming back to the series.

I am some sort of administrator here, apparently

Due to a crippling staff shortage I seem to have been promoted to Administrator. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult me. At which point I will search around for someone who knows the answer, then present it to you as if I knew all along. This is what's known in business circles as "delegation".