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Brock and Cilan in BWS01

OpticShipping (Japanese: デンタケ DenTake) is the belief that Brock and Cilan belong in a romantic relationship. The name of the ship derives from how they each have unique eyes: Brock's are always squinting, while Cilan's lack sclera.


This started as a "nevermet ship," a ship of two characters who, as the name implies, have not met each other. This ship began along with the Best Wishes series; at that time, Brock has already left prior to the series, and Cilan would eventually join Ash a few episodes after the series began. The two finally meet in person in BWS01.


  • Both are Gym Leaders of the first city in which the player can obtain a badge in their respective regions.
  • Besides being Gym Leaders, Brock and Cilan have other aspirations. Brock wanted to be a Pokémon Breeder (before deciding on becoming a Pokémon Doctor) and Cilan wants to be a Pokémon Connoisseur. In consequence, they both leave family members behind to tend the Gym.
  • Both were the second person to start traveling with Ash through their respective regions.
    • Both joined Ash after he met a female companion that invited herself on his journey.
  • Both are good at cooking, and have cooked for the group when they were travelling with Ash.
  • Both have at least two brothers.
  • Both keep potions on hand so that they can help injured Pokémon.