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July 30, 2021
On this day in 2001, Crystal was released in the US!
Gen V
Crazy Types
Team in PART 1
Team in PART 2
Team in PART 3
Soul Silver Team
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Hello there to anyone who is on this page. Well, this page is just basically, an interview, links and synopsis, dates for the release of Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Versions and a special thanks. I guess you should also check out my Sandbox for just random stuff, which may entertain you, since you acn right whatever you want in the Sandbox ... right? My Gen V section is basically my thoughts and predictions on what Generation V will bring to us, and the sorts of Pokémon which will be discovered. The Crazy Types section is a section of Pokémon with different types, for example if a shiny Pokémon should have a different type instead of it's current type(s). Team in PART 1, Team in PART 2,Team in PART 3 are just pages showing my Team in Part 1(Platinum), Part 2(Soul Silver) and Part 3(Emerald). Soul Silver Team, Emerald and Paltinum Team are real pages showing my ACTUAL Party, not from the stories, but in real life. Well, It has taken a long time to finish, but I finally finished this page. You can check out my other pages, filled with stuff that I just put up, if your feeling bored. Bulbapedia, is one of the BEST Pokémon source sites, that I have ever been to. Thanks to Bulbapedia, I became a wiz in Pokémon. Bulbapedia has done so much for me… and I want to do something for Bulbapedia. If there is an administrator reading this, can you please offer me good job in Bulbapedia? I really want to actually stand out. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the following stuff on this page, and remember to go to my other pages, and read my stories. With best regards

--Behradoleon77 (Behradoleon77)

My FanFic Stories

Check out the 3 part trilogy now! Just follow the links below!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A Small Summary PART 1

Join Behrad as he starts his journey with his Empoleon! Witness how they meet new people and theplot that they fall into!

A Small Summary PART 2

Behrad is back and so is his Empoleon! Packed with new adventures, new people and even two new regions!

A Small Summary PART 3

The final battle! Two legendaries are fighting and the world starts to corrupt, and it’s all up to Behrad to save the world. But to save the world, Behrad needs to make many sacrifices, including saying goodbye to his Pokémon… forever? Your just going to have to find out!

Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Versions


Which one do you choose?

Release Dates
N. America March 14, 2010
Japan September 12, 2009
Australia March 25, 2010
Europe March 26, 2010
Korea February 4, 2010

HeartGold EN boxart.jpg SoulSilver EN boxart.jpg

Hmm...Which one should I choose? Spr_4h_172N.png I know!

Gabby and Ty's News Report!

Spr RS Interviewer.png

Gabby: Hey there trainers! This is Gabby and Ty! Today, we take a look at the upcoming Pokémon movie, :Pokémon Movie 13: The Ruler of illusions: Zoroark, or so it is called in the Japan region. This is the 13th movie in the Pokemon movie seris and is still in construction. It is said that it will be hitting theatres in the Japan region on July 10, 2010. But we still are not sure when it will be coming to our region, Hoenn.

Ty: Ahh! There's a bug on my shirt!

Gabby: Hold the camera still! What is it going to do? Honestly, grow up!

Ty: You know I hate those disqusting things!

Gabby: Anyway, The movie features two new Pokemon from a region, not far from Sinnoh. These two Pokemon are called Zorua and Zoroark. They are said to be able to shape shift, much like the Pokemon Ditto.

Ty: Can I take a break from holding this camera?

Gabby: No! Now stop wailing!

Ty: Hmmph!

Gabby: Where was I up to? Oh yes! We are lucky to have a special guest to intervew, the creater of the movie and the President of all the regions in the world himself, Satoshi Tajiri from the Japan region!

Satoshi: Ha ha! Well hello eeryone!

Gabby: Satoshi, can you tell us a little about the upocoming Pokemon movie?

Satoshi: Certainly! But I can only tell you a little bit, because it should be kept a suprise! Crown City, a town where water and greenery, old streets and modern buildings, coexist in beautiful harmony. Intending to watch the "Pokémon Backer World Cup" being held there, Ash, Pikachu, and company head for Crown City. On the way, they meet and join up with Zorua, a Pokémon said to be searching for its comrade.

Meanwhile, a Pokémon called Zoroark is destroying Crown City in the guise of Raikou, Suicune, and Entei, and Celebi, having returned to the town for the first time in twenty years, is presented with its own crisis...

Gabby: Wow! And what do you think of this movie?

Satoshi: "FANTASTIC"

Gabby: Fantastic, Fantastic! I agree! Those words best describe this brilliant movie! Satoshi, thank you so much for coming!

Satoshi: No, no. Thank YOU Gabby, for interviewing me!

Gabby: That was Satoshi Tajiri, the president of the world! And we are out of time! It was great to talk to you all, was'nt it Ty?

Ty: Oh, uh, yeah.

Gabby: Goodbye everyone and have some awesome battles!

Ty: But we keep loosing to a trainer called Behrad!

Gabby: Be quiet!

Gabby Ty.jpg

Ty;X Gabby ;XOX

Special Thanks

Over the months that I have edited my page, I have made many mistakes, and I had many questions. But without these wonderful people below, I would of never made this page:

To all of you guys, YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank You guys for showing me right from wrong and other stuff, without you guys, where would I be? Thank You to all who enjoyed my stories, please comment on them too. Thank You to all that are on this page and enjoyed it. And now, I will say my goodbyes, to all Pokémon fans

With Best Regards

--Behradoleon77 (Behradoleon77)

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