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Hello. My name is Bailey. I am a writer-ish for Bulbanews (see below for what I mean). I am not really on here often, and so it will take me a second to respond to anything you need. But I will respond...eventually!

A few introductory things

Gosh, this used to be a really silly page of mine. See this page's history and you will have an "about me" from when I was depressed and lonely and did nothing with my life. The page was a little pathetic. But many things have changed in these past few years!

In April of 2013, I went from "yeah I hate Christians" to "yeah I think I am kind of a Christian" to being what most people would probably consider to be a hardcore Christian. I try very hard to not be "in your face" about it, especially over the internet, but I apologize if you are bothered by it at any time. It's just who I am.

I'm a student about to graduate this upcoming December with a bachelor of science in economics and a minor in math. So as you can tell, I'm the life of the party.

My Pokéhistory

I've been playing Pokémon since it became international in 1998. My first Pokémon game was Red version, and the first Pokémon I ever picked was Charmander. I owned Red, Blue, and Yellow, and eventually completed my Blue version Pokédex with all 151 Pokémon (including the event Mew released at the 1999 movies). So yeah, I've been in this mess since the beginning.

I loved Gen. II, and Gen III. was not bad, but Gen IV. was the one to challenge my relationship with Pokémon the most. I did not enjoy Pokémon Diamond very much at all, causing me to take a brief hiatus from Pokémon. However, when HGSS came out, I knew it was time to come back, and that's when I truly got introduced into the more "serious" world of Pokémon via Smogon, Bulbapedia, etc. That's when I really started becoming a Pokémon superfan beyond just playing the games.

Nowadays, I am on and off in the Pokémon fan community. Life has come and I don't have as much time as I used to. But that doesn't mean my love for Pokémon has died down at all!

Current Pokéstatus

I completed the Pokédex in Black and White, which was a lot of fun. I am not super committed, but trying to complete the Pokédex in X and Y.

In terms of competitive Pokémon, I don't really do too much. I played a little at the end of Gen IV, but really don't have the time to do it too too much. It's a lot of fun when I do decide to use a good online emulator like Pokémon showdown (assuming that's what the kids are still doing these days).