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Hi, I'm articuno89. I found Bulbapedia a couple of months ago, and I finally decided to make my own account.

My Favorite Pokémon:

144.png Articuno
  * The best legendary (in my opinion) and it's one of the originals.
134.png Vaporeon
  * My favorite Eeveelution. I love it's tail. I also love Water-types.
155.png Cyndaquil
  * It's so cute!
153.png Bayleef
  * I love the entire Chikorita family, but Bayleef is my favorite out of them because it looks awesome!
197.png Umbreon
  * My second favorite Eeveelution. There are so few pure Dark-type Pokemon in the world, so I think Umbreon is unique.
395.png Empoleon
  * I love it's type. It's so unique and is resistant to a lot of moves and has very few weaknesses.
439.png Mime Jr.
  * I love James's Mime Jr. in the anime. If and when I get a Generation IV game, Mime Jr. will be my baby Pokémon.

History and Trivia:

This is currently unfinished, but I'll be adding more later.

I'll upload my team from Red and Silver Versions later. I'm being lazy right now.

Some things about me:

Once again, this is unfinished, but I'll add more later.

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