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Hello! We are AmoongussForLife! We're identical twins who felt it would be easier to make a single account, and as we both have Amoonguss as our favorite Pokémon, the username was very easy to pick! However, this means we may switch between "I" and "we" occasionally...

About Us

We are identical twin boys who are going to be freshmen, but will be taking Algebra 2. We play soccer and run track and cross-country, and also play a wide-ish variety of video games! All of the usertags to you right are true for both of us!→ → →
We have ONE good friend, who isn't on Bulbapedia, but should be! We are also very hyped for when Sun and Moon come out! Only I little while longer, now...

How we Contribute

This will probably be mostly capitalization and grammar fixes. However, we will add things we find that aren't on the site. However, us finding things that aren't already on Bulbapedia is pretty rare, because Bulbapedia has so much info about Pokémon already!