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Yay for an update years later!

Hi, you reached my page. For those curious read further.

Brief History

I also go under the handle Latios, LatiosXT, etc. My former handle was Xeno Lugia. My biggest claim to fame was that I lived in Okinawa, Japan from 1999 to 2005, providing information about Pokemon wherever possible.

I was a frequent visitor the Universal Pokemon Network (UPN) forums from 1999 until their apparent closure in 2001. I went to BMG and wasn't too satisfied with foruming until the summer of that year. Afterwards interest perked up, and I stayed with BMG until 2003. But backtracking two years prior, I was picked up by Serebii from I provided most of the news Japanese news for the website for about a year and a half, until news and episode synopsis writings were taken over due to the lateness Okinawa gets things. Movies were still covered until 2005.

In October 31, 2008, I decided to quit for reasons of dissatisfaction in the community. As an act of defiance (if one could call it), I effectively erased my entire forum history of my user account before promptly quitting and ignoring all communication with any member from the forum, except for a few friends. That event was something I dubbed "Zero Hour". While I didn't expect any damage to come from it, I did hear the results were humorous, though I wasn't around to witness it. And somehow I was "posthumously" awarded the title "Special Contributor". And it still exists with special access.

I still enjoy Pokémon to this day, but I moved on from the fan community. I currently lurk at [ScrewAttack].


Since the summer of 2001, I've made the following contributions to this site and

I also attempted to correct UPN's The Power of One synopsis (the version where Ash catches Lugia in a Masterball) and contributed Spell of the Unown to the forums, neither were accepted.

Entitlement to my work

All of my work, except scans and other already copyrighted material, can be freely passed around, edited, or otherwise. The only exception is that you must give credit where do. I do have a backlog of most of my work if anyone wants it (You can reach me at AIM under this username, without the underscore).

If you want any assets I've scanned, feel free to ask as I may still have them.

Other things Pokemon related

I'm a collector of Pokemon goods now, famously for Pokemon plush toys (Collection from 2007). I also collect TCG cards at times, but I haven't played a single game once in my life. I have a box of novelties as well.