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Hi, I'm Aidan. I've been playing Pokémon for years, with my first game being Emerald (which I, unfortunately, no longer own). I may not be as active as I am on other wikis, but I'll do my best to help Bulbapedia out. If you do want to see me active and doing work, you can find me over at the SmashWiki.

Things to Know About Me

  • Like I said, first game was Emerald.
    • It was taken away from me because...well, this.
  • The only generation I haven't played is II.
    • I have Blue on my 3DS.
    • Emerald was, again, my first game. I later got Alpha Sapphire.
    • At one point, I owned Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
    • I own both Black and White 2.
    • I completed X, but gave it to my sister.
    • I beat Moon, but not Ultra Sun.
  • I prefer Fire-type starters.
    • The only generation where I didn't pick the Fire-type starter was V. Because Snivy > Oshawott > Tepig.
  • Favorite Pokemon? Lucario.
  • I'll play anyone who wants to. I may suck, or I may dominate. Come and talk to me if you're up for a battle or two.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if I'm doing something that straight up pisses you off, contact me on my talk page.