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My name is Acbrains but people call me Alex.

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What I find interesting is that legendary Pokémon have greater "history" than that of the previous generations. In Gen I, the legendary birds could threaten the entire balance of nature of they clashed, and Mew was the supposed ancestor of all Pokémon. In Gen II, Lugia is the source of the world's whirlpools and the legendary birds, Ho-oh can bring dead Pokémon to life, and Celebi is a time machine shaped like an onion. In Gen III, things get more drastic, with the weather trio forming the Pokémon planet with oceans, land, and the atmosphere, threatening not just nature but everything on the planet if they battled. Then comes Gen IV, which went a little heavy on the legendaries. The lake trio formed the human spirit, Regigias brought the continents together, and of course, the dragon trio formed time and space, and an antimatter world, parallel to our own. Now we have everything, right? Wrong, which brings us into our next topic. Arceus, which many have rightly dubbed "Pokégod", supposedly hatched from the "universal egg", it formed the Pokéuniverse with a 1,000 arms and created the lake trio, the dragon trio, and I suspect Mew. Now there is everything, and lots of people believed Pokémon would just end right there. I mean, how do you top a god? We'll find out in Black and White, I suppose. Reshiram and Zekrom are the only ones to be announced so far, and they are pretty cool. Unfortunately, after Rayquaza and the dragon trio, people want to see something besides dragons, but it is one of the best types in the game, so what are you going to do? But I'm getting off topic. After Arceus, perhaps the legendaries "history" will go down instead of up, or maybe Reshiram and Zekrom have some sort of parallel dimension, like Giratina. I can support neither until I see proof, so I'll have to wait until spring of next year to find out. Personally, I like Zekrom.