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Hello Bulbapedia family, I'm new here since two months ago. Name's Patrick, I'm pro when it comes to Pokemon's devastating moves, abilites, and the likes. As I'm new here, I sincerely respect the admins for the references of Pokémon.

Introduction and where to find me

Patrick's my name, and I live from the Philippines. I'm a pro when it comes to Pokémon, I competed all Pokémon games from Generation I to Generation IV, but now; I'm currently new to Generation V and not finished Pokémon Black and White Versions yet. I finished Pokémon Red and Blue Versions, Yellow, Crystal, Pokémon Emerald Version, Diamond, and SoulSilver without relying on cheats or Action Replay. The games I haven't finished yet is Platinum, HeartGold, and White Versions. Even I don't use cheats or Action Replay (I only use these after the Elite Four); but I rely on walkthroughs on Pokémon Marriland page where I rely on walkthroughs for HeartGold/SoulSilver Versions.

This is the places where I display my preferences