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The second set in the Pokémon Ga-Olé Ultra Legend series was released on September 13, 2018. It features 63 standard disks and 4 secret disks. It is the twelfth set overall.


Set 2 of the Ultra Legend series continues to revolve around Ultra Beasts, introducing the Launch Pokémon Celesteela and the Glowing Pokémon Xurkitree to Pokémon Ga-Olé. As with the previous set, an Ultra Beast could be encountered on any course that featured an Ultra Beast Appears! icon within a certain timeframe. Celesteela could be encountered from the launch of the set until October 17, 2018, while Xurkitree could be encountered between October 18 and November 28, 2018. Both Ultra Beasts appear as Grade 5 Pokémon.

Two Grade 5 versions of the Prism Pokémon Necrozma feature as part of the set in both its Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings forms, previously only attainable by using a Necrozma disk with the Fusion ability respectively with Solgaleo or Lunala during play. Both of these disks have a prism symbol next to their Grade, indicating Ultra Burst Chance! (Japanese: ウルトラバーストチャンス!) will trigger if they begin to attack. Upon reaching the end of the Attack Gauge, Ultra Burst Chance! prompts the player to rotate the Poké Ball lever on the console and fill the prism symbol that appears. If successful, Necrozma will undergo Ultra Burst and transform into Ultra Necrozma, elevating it to Grade 5+, increasing its Energy to 5060, and allowing the player to use its signature Z-Move Light That Burns the Sky. The Attack Roulette will also change, replacing bonus values 20 and 35 with 70 and increasing the chance of a player dealing massive damage to their opponents. Like the core series, a player may only activate Ultra Burst once, even if they have other eligible disks.

Available later into the set's duration were new Grade 5 versions of Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively with the moves Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt as well as with access to the Z-Moves Inferno Overdrive and Gigavolt Havoc. The Forces of Nature were featured as Grade 4 Pokémon in both their Incarnate and Therian Formes, and new Grade 5 versions of Rayquaza and Darkrai, respectively with the ability to Mega Evolve and with access to a Z-Move, were also featured in the last course to be added.

Trainer and Battle Mode was available to challenge from November 1, 2018, providing 5 new opponents for players to battle. Two new Trainers classes were included in the lineup, as was recurring Trainer Eri, appearing again as a Top Idol. A new Battle Leader, Reteru, could be challenged upon defeating the other 4 Trainers. Promotional Xerneas or Yveltal disks could be dispensed for an additional ¥100 following a battle with Reteru, with 'WINNER' versions available to those who successfully defeated his entire team.

Wigglytuff and Volcarona were added as Support Pokémon from this set. Players registering a Ga-Olé Pass for the first time would automatically receive Wigglytuff as a Support Pokémon as part of the Pokémon Ga-Olé Welcome Campaign.

Course summary

Standard courses
800DM 800DW
Ultra Burst! Necrozma Course
Playable at set launch
803 804
Poipole & Naganadel Course
Playable at set launch
722 789 725
Let's Begin Ga-Olé! Course
Playable at set launch
644 643
Its Z-Move! Reshiram & Zekrom Course
Playable from October 18, 2018
Its Mega Evolution! Rayquaza Course
Playable from November 1, 2018
Its Z-Move! Darkrai Course
Playable from November 15, 2018
Limited courses
Ga-Olé Ticket Available at participating stores as part of the Black Mega Gardevoir Campaign, which ran from June 17 until July 8, 2016
197 133 196
Only Eevee Course ~Part 2~
Playable from September 13 to November 28, 2018 at all Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores
Ga-Olé Ticket Available for Pokémon Ga-Olé Members to redeem from September 13, 2018 for 1,000 Member Points
040 646 763
Kyurem Again Course
Playable from September 13, 2018 to February 28, 2019
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in issue 60 of Pokémon Fan, released on September 29, 2018
526 487 445
Giratina Altered Forme Course
Playable from September 29 to November 28, 2018
Ga-Olé Ticket
094 778 429
Halloween Special Course
Playable from October 4 to 31, 2018
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in the December 2018 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on October 20, 2018
448 487O 212
Giratina Origin Forme Course
Playable from October 20 to November 28, 2018
Ga-Olé Ticket
647R 384M
Special Its Mega Evolution! Rayquaza Course
Playable from November 1 to 28, 2018 on select units
Ga-Olé Ticket
Ga-Olé Ticket
Ga-Olé Ticket

Trainer and Battle mode opponents

Mischievous Girl Mineho
Ga-Olé Trainer Mischievous Girl.png
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Tretta Water type.png
Tretta Flying type.png Bounce
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Poison type.png
Tretta Poison type.png Sludge Wave
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Bug type.pngTretta Water type.png
Tretta Bug type.png First Impression
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Rock type.pngTretta Steel type.png
Tretta Rock type.png Power Gem
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Senior Trainer Hiroori
Ga-Olé Trainer Senior Trainer M.png
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Tretta Grass type.pngTretta Dragon type.png
Alolan Exeggutor
Tretta Dragon type.png Dragon Hammer
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Ghost type.pngTretta Fire type.png
Tretta Fire type.png Flamethrower
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Rock type.png
Tretta Rock type.png Stone Edge
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Bug type.pngTretta Electric type.png
Tretta Electric type.png Zap Cannon
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Sailor Hiroki
Ga-Olé Trainer Sailor.png
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Tretta Flying type.png
Tretta Flying type.png Hurricane
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Electric type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Electric type.png Thunder
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Ground type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Ground type.png Earthquake
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta None type.png
Tretta None type.png
Tretta None type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png
Top Idol Eri
Ga-Olé Trainer Top Idol.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Tretta Ground type.pngTretta Ghost type.png
Tretta Ground type.png Earthquake
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Bug type.pngTretta Steel type.png
Tretta Bug type.png X-Scissor
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Normal type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Egg Bomb
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Normal type.pngTretta Fighting type.png
Tretta Fighting type.png Hammer Arm
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Battle Leader Reteru
Ga-Olé Trainer Battle Leader Reteru.png
Difficulty: ★★★★★
Tretta Normal type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Giga Impact
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Ice type.png
Tretta Ice type.png Blizzard
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Fairy type.png
Tretta Fairy type.png Moonblast
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed
Tretta Dark type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Flying type.png Oblivion Wing
Tretta Grass type.pngGa-Olé Double Rush.png Leech Seed

Set list

Disk No. Name Type Grade
UL2-001 Espeon Psychic Grade 3
UL2-002 Espeon Psychic Grade 4
UL2-003 Umbreon Dark Grade 3
UL2-004 Umbreon Dark Grade 4
UL2-005 Poliwag Water Grade 1
UL2-006 Poliwhirl Water Grade 2
UL2-007 Politoed Water Grade 3
UL2-008 Tentacool WaterPoison Grade 1
UL2-009 Tentacruel WaterPoison Grade 2
UL2-010 Tentacruel WaterPoison Grade 3
UL2-011 Happiny Normal Grade 1
UL2-012 Chansey Normal Grade 2
UL2-013 Blissey Normal Grade 3
UL2-014 Blissey Normal Grade 4
UL2-015 Nosepass Rock Grade 1
UL2-016 Probopass RockSteel Grade 2
UL2-017 Probopass RockSteel Grade 3
UL2-018 Litwick GhostFire Grade 1
UL2-019 Lampent GhostFire Grade 2
UL2-020 Chandelure GhostFire Grade 3
UL2-021 Vanillite Ice Grade 1
UL2-022 Vanillish Ice Grade 2
UL2-023 Vanilluxe Ice Grade 3
UL2-024 Vanilluxe Ice Grade 4
UL2-025 Golett GroundGhost Grade 2
UL2-026 Golurk GroundGhost Grade 3
UL2-027 Golurk GroundGhost Grade 4
UL2-028 Munchlax Normal Grade 1
UL2-029 Munchlax Normal Grade 2
UL2-030 Snorlax Normal Grade 3
UL2-031 Snorlax Normal Grade 4
UL2-032 Magnemite ElectricSteel Grade 1
UL2-033 Magneton ElectricSteel Grade 2
UL2-034 Magnezone ElectricSteel Grade 3
UL2-035 Magnezone ElectricSteel Grade 4
UL2-036 Roggenrola Rock Grade 1
UL2-037 Boldore Rock Grade 2
UL2-038 Gigalith Rock Grade 3
UL2-039 Gigalith Rock Grade 4
UL2-040 Bounsweet Grass Grade 1
UL2-041 Steenee Grass Grade 2
UL2-042 Tsareena Grass Grade 3
UL2-043 Tsareena Grass Grade 4
UL2-044 Scyther BugFlying Grade 3
UL2-045 Scizor BugSteel Grade 4
UL2-046 Bagon Dragon Grade 1
UL2-047 Shelgon Dragon Grade 2
UL2-048 Salamence DragonFlying Grade 3
UL2-049 Salamence DragonFlying Grade 4
UL2-050 Tornadus Flying Grade 4
UL2-051 Tornadus Flying Grade 4
UL2-052 Thundurus ElectricFlying Grade 4
UL2-053 Thundurus ElectricFlying Grade 4
UL2-054 Landorus GroundFlying Grade 4
UL2-055 Landorus GroundFlying Grade 4
UL2-056 Reshiram DragonFire Grade 5
UL2-057 Zekrom DragonElectric Grade 5
UL2-058 Rayquaza DragonFlying Grade 5
UL2-059 Darkrai Dark Grade 5
UL2-060 Necrozma PsychicSteel Grade 5
UL2-061 Necrozma PsychicGhost Grade 5
UL2-062 Celesteela SteelFlying Grade 5
UL2-063 Xurkitree Electric Grade 5
UL2-007★ Politoed Water Grade 3
UL2-027★ Golurk GroundGhost Grade 4
D4-051☆ Poipole Poison Grade 3
D4-052☆ Poipole Poison Grade 4

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Promotional disks

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