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How to use:


Parameter Input
color Main background color.
bordercolor Border color.
headcolor Trainer information background color.
color1 First Trainer background color.
bordercolor1 First Trainer border color.
headcolor1 First Trainer sprite background color.
bordercolor2 Second Trainer border color.
headcolor2 Second Trainer sprite background color.
class First Trainer's Trainer class.
classlink Article title for first Trainer's Trainer class.
name First Trainer's name.
sprite First Trainer's sprite.
size Size of First Trainer's sprite, only if size reduction is required.
class2 Second Trainer's Trainer class.
classlink2 Article title for second Trainer's Trainer class.
name2 Second Trainer's name.
sprite2 Second Trainer's sprite.
size2 Size of Second Trainer's sprite, only if size reduction is required.
prize Prize for defeating the Trainers without an Amulet Coin.
game Abbreviation of the game(s) the battle takes place in.
location Where the battle takes place. Must directly link to the correct article.
locationname Where the battle takes place. Only needed if the location's article uses a disambiguating title.
pokemon1 Number of Pokémon in the first Trainer's party.
pokemon2 Number of Pokémon in the second Trainer's party.

  • All Pokémon entries must have a vertical pipe "|" before them.
    • If either Trainer has less than three Pokémon, all of that Trainer's Pokémon entries must begin with "| style="margin:auto" |" instead.
  • After the first Trainer's Pokémon, use of {{Party/Div}} is required. It contains only one parameter; color, which should be the background color for the second Trainer's team in battles against two Trainers.
  • After the second Trainer's final Pokémon, use of {{Party/Footer}} is required. It has no parameters.


|color={{kalos color}}
|bordercolor={{kalos color dark}}
|headcolor={{kalos color light}}
|color1={{castle color}}
|bordercolor1={{castle color dark}}
|headcolor1={{castle color light}}
|bordercolor2={{orange color dark}}
|headcolor2={{orange color light}}
|class=Pokémon Trainer
|classlink=Pokémon Trainer
|class2=Pokémon Trainer
|classlink2=Pokémon Trainer
|location=Kalos Route 7
|locationname=Route 7
| style="margin:auto" | {{Pokémon/6
|move1=Thunder Shock|move1type=Electric|move1cat=Special
|move2=Quick Attack|move2type=Normal|move2cat=Physical}}
| style="margin:auto" | {{Pokémon/6
|ability=Flower Veil
|move1=Vine Whip|move1type=Grass|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Fairy Wind|move2type=Fairy|move2cat=Special
{{Party/Div|color={{orange color}}}}
| style="margin:auto" | {{Pokémon/6
|ability=Shell Armor
|move1=Vice Grip|move1type=Normal|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Swords Dance|move2type=Normal|move2cat=Status}}

Pokéball count

So, it seems when this template is being used for Brendan/May in the Appendix namespace walkthroughs (such as here), the Pokéball count is actually somewhat off, my guess being since it's not actually a tag battle in this case. All three examples show "both members" of the battle having one Pokémon, however the "pokemon" parameter for the second use of the template is actually 3 (due to the Slugma/Torkoal difference). Unless if this can be fixed easily, would it just be easier to separate them like is done here? Schiffy (瀬藤健二) (Talk Contribs) 16:39, 2/25/2014 (UTC)

They should just be separated like is done everywhere else. It's confusing to look at even ignoring the Poke Ball numbers. --It's Funktastic~!話してください 16:45, 25 February 2014 (UTC)