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{{N2Num}} converts a Pokémon's name to its 4-digit National Pokédex number. The opposite template, which turns numbers to names, is {{Num2N}}.

{{subst:N2Num|<Pokémon's name>}}
  • Unnamed
    • 1: a Pokémon species name.
      • A form can be specified, by appending a form qualifier to the Pokémon name, to get that form's sprite ID (which is often used for {{MS}} and {{MSP}}). This form qualifier is the same as the ones used in the filenames of official Pokémon artwork, including the beginning hyphen.
Example usage
{{subst:N2Num|Venusaur}} 0003
{{subst:N2Num|Venusaur-Mega}} 0003M