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Promotion for rival

Ok, I know that Trinity officially appeared in only one episode, however she does not deserve a promotion to rival since his role in the anime is the same as Solidad, Tobias or Tyson for instance?

Otherwise, it is closest to a true rival to this day that she has owned.

I wanted to know about it if there was any possibility she was placed in the template of the characters from anime and gain an infobox.--Hikaru Wazana 00:17- 15 December 2011

I don't think so. She falls into the category of brief rivals like Grace, Timmy Grimm, Erica, Joshua, Anthony, Holly, Lila, etc. And I think saying she's the same as Solidad, Tobias, and Tyson is stretching it a bit. They were rivals during major competitions. The Whirl Cup is not a major competition. Not to mention she didn't even win. --ケンジガール 05:51, 15 December 2011 (UTC)