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Official vs. fan designations of series

I am probably wrong about this, so I'm mostly asking for more information/explanation rather than actually requesting any change be made (yet). As it appears to me, the "original series" has always been a fan designation covering episodes 1 to 274, but earlier this year (as I gather from edit summaries), the Japanese Pokemon website put up some sort of page dividing it into three "chapters" (Pocket Monsters, Pocket Monsters: Orange Archipelago Chapter, and Pocket Monsters: Gold & Silver Chapter). My question is — how, exactly, does it designate these chapters? Are they on the same "level", so to speak, as BW Season 2, Episode N, and Da!, in which case we're right? Or are they on the same "level" as AG and DP, in which case we're wrong and we should have separate series designations for the three "chapters"? Are there even separate levels, or is everything (the three chapters, AG, DP, and each of the BW subdivisions) presented on an equal playing field, in which case there's ambiguity and we can argue that our distinction is a possible correct interpretation of that ambiguity? And as a second question, if the chapters are roughly equivalent to the BW subdivisions, are the former's use of the word "chapters" and the latter's word "seasons" both canonical, or is one a fan designation (in which case we should change it to the canonical one)?

TLDR: What's up with the original series "chapters"? Can someone give me an in-depth explanation as to whether the Japanese website treats them more like separate series or like the BW subdivisions? Pumpkinking0192 (talk) 18:38, 4 September 2013 (UTC)

The page is this one, at the very bottom, under 'List of Previous Anime Series'. BW's Seasons are considered subdivisions of BW's entry.
The reason BW's Season 2 is called Season 2 is because it uses the English word for 'season' rendered into Japanese (シーズン) in the title, so there's not really any other choice.
The OS subdivisions use 編 in Japanese, which is a label for subdivisions of a work, and so can be translated variously as chapter, episode, arc, edition, volume, part, series, etc; depending on the context. For example, official books translate the title for Orange as 'Episode Orange Islands' rather than 'Orange Archipelago Chapter', though this is ignored on Bulbapedia for some reason. Bluesun (talk) 09:48, 18 February 2014 (UTC)

Discussion of each Anime Series Section?

I have noticed that the pages for each Pokémon Generation has had a section briefly discussing its popularity amongst the fandom. Would it be possible to have a similar one for each anime series? It might be hard to come up with a neutral or accurate section granted but there are many users and I am sure an accurate depiction of the reception of each series could be found.

Would the following be roughly about right?

For instance it goes without saying that the Original Series proved very popular in its time. Some comments can be made about the other series. AG for instance had a poor reception at first simply because old fan-favourites were replaced by new characters they did not know, but I get the impression that by the end of it fans had come to like it as much as the original series. DP was felt to be a bit dull at first by most (I think), but the main rival did prove popular, its darker tones felt more mature and by the end of the series had become somewhat acclaimed with what many consider to be the best Pokemon League in the anime. BW seems to be quite divisive, with many greatly disliking it for essentially ignoring Ash's feats in the past, while others love it for being closer to the Original Series than the previous two series. And then XY has largely been well-received by many for its animation and storyline, especially its Mega Evolution side episodes for giving fans a new main character to follow; the XY&Z arc in particular is felt to have made new ground with the Ash-Greninja and many fans have praised this, and the Kalos League has only added to this positive reception as Ash made it to the finals for the first time (This can be updated after the end of the Kalos League)

I can understand why such a section for each series is not possible, but it might be interesting to add to them. (Sinnoh's Son (talk) 21:47, 1 August 2016 (UTC))