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Not *just* a TCG artist. Matoba is/was Creatures staff.

Sachi Matoba is, per Bulbapedia, just a "TCG illustrator".

  • ポケモンWiki also lists off her credits appearances in several Creatures developed games. It would imply to the reader it's the same Sachi Matoba, though it technically isn't saying it.
  • Sachi Matoba is listed as a graphic designer on the credits of the (Creatures-developed) e-Reader, and is explicitly qualified as Creatures staff.

How many things do I have to source to 'upgrade' Matoba from *just* being "a illustrator", to Creatures staff that did TCG illustrations? Do I have to consider a scenario where she was an illustrator who got hired on (chronology doesn't match)? Do I have to consider a scenario where she was Creatures staff who quit and went freelance? Do I have to consider... etc. etc. etc. There are several other Creatures (and Game Freak!) staff members who doubled as TCG illustrators with the same 'bleh' pages, so assume any answer for Matoba's page applies for several other pages. --INTERNETFRIEND (talk) 20:15, 9 October 2022 (UTC)