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Lucky Items

Each Horoscope show also mentions an item that is lucky for people with that sign to carry. Those should be listed in the chart. --AndyPKMN (talk) 23:09, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

Relation to Sign

I might expand this later on, but right now I'm just brainstorming, because I'm filling out my Pokémon nicknames and naming these Pokémon after their corresponding MSPA characters. Just trying to understand the relationships between 'em.

  • Aries - Whimsicott - Ram
  • Taurus - Bouffalant - Bull
  • Gemini - Klink - pair of gears, duality
  • Cancer - Crustle - Crab
  • Leo - Braviary - I'm stumped on this one, and the bravery link seems, at best, tenuous
  • Virgo - Gothorita - Another stumper. I could come up with a crack explanation, but I'll save myself the embarrassment.
  • Libra - Lampent - More than anything, Lampent seems to be associated with October, solely for the fact it is a ghost, and ghosts are macabre. However, its association with gathering the souls of the departed also seems reminiscent of many mythological figures involved in the passing over, including Osiris, who was pretty notably associated with the scales. The idea of death itself could be pretty easily tied to the scales, though, with little justification, so this kind of explains itself.
  • Scorpio - Scolipede - duh
  • Sagittarius - Fraxure - no idea
  • Capricorn - Sawsbuck - Stumped on this one, too, but it's worth nothing that Capricorn is the only sign that is considered both an Earth sign and a Cardinal sign, perhaps speaking to Sawsbuck's close tie to the natural world, changing along with it and the seasons, which would make sense with Cardinal (the seasons) and Earth (duh).
  • Aquarius - Simipour - water, duh
  • Pisces - Alomomola - fish, duh

someone who understands the zodiac better than I can probably explain the connection of the four that confused me, but I figured I'd make up this base to work from.

Libra also fits for another reason, to me, anyways, but that's only in relation to the material I am referencing, which I find to be an unlikely connection for Nintendo to have made, so there's no point in listing it.

forgot to sign last time and had to edit for appearance--Antoids 03:24, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

I think they didn't go deeper for the horoscopes, they did it through appereances or what sign represents.
Virgo is a virgin lady and Gothorita is a señorita.
Libra is scales and Lampent is only Unova Pokémon that resembles it.
Sagittarius is an archer and since we don't have an archer Pokémon, they did it with Fraxure whose body has an axe; weapon.
Capricorn is a sea goat, both deers and goats have horns, so i think Sawsbuck was their only choice. Phoenix-f- 07:51, 3 September 2011 (UTC)
I did notice that Braviary - an eagle, and Leo - a lion, when mixed together would make a Gryphon. I wonder if that's worth a mention --Shadowater 04:57, 14 May 2012 (UTC)

I didn't get it

I'm confused, I was born in July 25th, which means I'm Leo in real Life, and I'm Crustle in BW, but in the page, Leo is related to August. User:Igor Castro Chucre

The games round the signs off to months as it doesn't recognize exact dates (except for your birthday). Though Leo is from July 22 to August 22, it only counts for August in the games. You were given Crustle (Cancer) because it last longer in July than Leo does. I have the same problem as I'm born on the last day of September. I'm a Gothorita (Virgo) in the games even though I am a Libra in real life. So basically anyone born after the 22th of the month will have the sign that's before their actual one. --ケンジガール 16:04, 23 September 2011 (UTC)