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Okay, this title seems really odd.

Why was this name chosen?

Is he credited as "Hiromoto Sin-ichi" in a Pokemon game? Or is it only because he spells his name that way on his website?

By the way, according to traditional Hepburn, his name would be romanized "Shin'ichi" as "n-i" is different from "ni".

WhisperToMe 12:40, 7 January 2006 (CST)

He's credited as Hiromoto SIN-Ichi in SSBM. --Argy 15:13, 7 January 2006 (CST)

Move to Hiromoto-SIN-ichi

Requesting this page be moved to reflect how the subject's name is spelled in the credits of the Pokémon games he's worked on (see credits for Colo and credits for XD). The use of two hyphens is consistent with how he spells his name on his personal site (see banner below the table of links). I would move this page myself, but it's linked twice as an example in the manual of style, so the manual of style would need to be updated as one of the pages that links here. --Apopheniac (talk) 02:43, 28 February 2024 (UTC)