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Why isn't drapion showed as paul's? i thought it was confirmedRBK 17:42, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

There are people who think it is Reggie's, so they won't label it as Paul's until the episode airs. --HoennMaster 18:06, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

Oh okay thanks!!RBK 19:57, 21 July 2010 (UTC)


Could you say that Paul stole the idea of the counter shield and used it with his Gastrodon (East) with Muddy Water...? Chomi 17:10, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

Getting ideas regarding a move isn't stealing and it doesn't sound like a trivia line either. However, we can mention it while writing the detailed summary. ♫♪AdyNiz♪♫ 17:13, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

Paul did not steal countershield. He might have thought that it would be adventagous to use Ash's style against him. Trainers change their method all the time. --Pokemon26 03:42, 10 August 2010 (UTC)

Worth Mentioning?

It it worth noting that this episode is the first time that Counter Shield and Ice Aqua Jet, this generation's improvised moves, were used in the same episode (as well as the large amount of episodes since the last time these moves even showed up)? Burnpsy 22:00, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

not really... we'll probably never see them again anyway Ataro 22:27, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

Cold opening

I think it should be mentioned that this is the first episode in a while with a cold opening. I would have just put it in myself but I can't remember the last episode that had a cold opening T_T --ケンジガール 04:16, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Nevermind. I don't think it was a cold opening but some other kind of opening. --ケンジガール 04:30, 7 August 2010 (UTC)
What do you mean by cold opening?-Billy4b2004 11:03, 8 August 2010 (UTC)
An opening that shows a scene from later in the episode and after the opening theme the episode truly starts. --HoennMaster 01:50, 9 August 2010 (UTC)
thx for your explanation.-Billy4b2004 13:46, 12 August 2010 (UTC)