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Why does Ash look at the Clouds when he is considering whether or not to use thunder? I mean, does it boost the power or something like that? - Tesh

"Solar Beam"

With all of the articles of the AG Anime, do you guys think that the move Solar Beam should be written as "SolarBeam" like it was formatted prior to Pokémon X & Y since AG aired in the times of Generation 3 or be written as "Solar Beam" like the current name in the most recent Pokémon games? I've been editing the articles of the AG anime from the beginning to add the Korean titles and I've noticed that there is some inconsistency with this move's name. --Willyh106 (Talk)’’ 09:26, 16 November 2015 (UTC)

For anime related stuff, it's fine to use the newer spelling, since there is technically no way we can say that it was written as SolarBeam prior to Gen VI (unless it was shown written that way in series).--ForceFire 09:30, 16 November 2015 (UTC)
Okay, thanks for letting me know! --Willyh106 (Talk)’’ 09:33, 16 November 2015 (UTC)