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An example of TOKIYA's illustration style

Tokiya Sakuba (Japanese: 作場季野), often credited as simply TOKIYA (トキヤ), is a freelance digital illustrator who has provided art for the Pokémon Trading Card Game since the Arceus expansion. He was born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan.

His style is very similar to that of kawayoo, utilizing a graphic tablet in image editing software to create base outlines, shapes and final details culminating in complex and atmospheric images. His art focuses on insects, mechanics and the human body resulting in often very surreal images – some of which are quite extreme compared to similar artists, featuring elements of nudity and graphic violence. The Pokémon he has portrayed, as well as their environment, are very detailed and have surreal qualities. Thus far, TOKIYA has illustrated 91 cards for the Pokémon TCG (excluding reprints). For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here.


The following are a list of characters designed by TOKIYA.


Title Date Publisher/Label
DJ Technorch – Boss On Parade: XXX Meets Gabba CD cover illustration 2007 Hardcore Technique
SS Magazine Volume 18 Spring illustrations 2007 Asuka Shinsha
Robot: Super Color Comic Volume 9 illustrations 2007 Wani Books
Boss On Parade Remixes: DJ Technorch Meets XXX CD cover illustration 2007 999 Recordings, Murder Channel Records
DJ Technorch – Gothic System Lite: Trancecore Meets Gabber CD cover illustration 2008 999 Recordings
animetoonz Volume 4: Yukari Fukui CD cover illustration 2008 Feugo Recordings
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrations 2009- Creatures


  • In addition to TOKIYA, he is also sometimes known as ARMA-EATER (アルマイーター), which was also the name of his first website. Another alias and the name of his current site is his family name backwards (Abukas).

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