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In Pokémon Card GB
When the main character first meets him, he'll ignore the main character until main character has 4 master medals.
DefeatUpon himdefeat, forhe will give the player the [[Psychic Medal]] and two [[Laboratory (GB1){{GB|1|Laboratory]]}} booster packs.
===Strange Psyshock Deck===
*1× {{TCG ID|Fossil|Gambler|60}}
His strategy consists of using Alazkazam's Damage Swap Pokemon Power to move damage counters to higher HP Pokemon like his Chansey, Snorlax, and Kangaskahn. He then uses Scoop Up to remove the heavily damaged Pokemon to his hand and return them to the Bench, removing all damage from them. He also uses Gust of Wind and Energy Removal to annoy, Gambler and Professor Oak to find cards vital to his strategy. He also has 2 Pokemon Center Cards as a last resort. His strategy consstantly draws cards, which if the player can stall him, he can run out of cards in his deck and lose. A deck consisting of Colorless Pokemon with Psychic resistances and/or Gastly and its evolutions, combined with Fighting types without Psychic weaknesses can defeat his Psychic and Colorless Pokemon, respectively.
==In Pokémon Card GB2==

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