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After the credits roll, the player is back in Pallet Town. [[Professor Oak]] will have the player come to his lab to check on the Pokédex,. ifIf the player has obtained at least 60 Pokémon he will then upgrade it to the [[National Pokédex]], in which he will thenand ask the player to go back to the Sevii Islands to encounter Pokémon that Professor Oak has never before seen.
There is some more work that Celio needs to do on his network machine, as he wishes to link to yet [[Hoenn|another region]]. The signal, however, is not strong enough, and he needs the Ruby and the Sapphire, two items found in the Sevii Islands, to strengthen it. The Ruby is found deep in a cave in [[Mt. Ember]], which Team Rocket grunts have been seen fooling around with. The Sapphire lies at the deepest part of the [[Dotted Hole]] in [[Ruin Valley]]. The Ruby can be given to Celio without a hitch; however, the Sapphire, when found, is stolen by a {{tc|Scientist}} named [[Gideon]], who takes it back to Team Rocket's [[Rocket Warehouse|warehouse]] in the [[Five Isle Meadow]]. By infiltrating the warehouse and defeating the remaining Rocket Admins, they realize that Giovanni has disbanded Team Rocket. They do, however, [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|vow to return one day]], and bring Team Rocket back to its former glory. Gideon reluctantly gives back the Sapphire, and after this, trades are possible with the [[Hoenn]]-based {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}. The Elite Four can once again be challenged, and their Pokémon are 12 levels higher, with some of them possessing new Pokémon. In addition, [[Cerulean Cave]] is now open, and the powerful {{p|Mewtwo}} can be found there. {{p|Entei}}, {{p|Suicune}}, or {{p|Raikou}} will also begin roaming the Kanto region, depending on whether the player chose {{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Charmander}}, or {{p|Squirtle}}, respectively, as their starter Pokémon.

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