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Pokémon Fan Universe

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Minutes after New Year's day, Shining Arcanine released a public preview of the new Pokédex as a New Year's present to the world with a promise to finish it by early Feburary 2005. It's design was considered by Shining Arcanine to be revolunary, as it combined the ability to update its content without rewrites, advanced search capabilities and ease of use into one script. Something the old 1.x Pokédex never could hope to do. An unexpected death in Shining Arcanine's family prevented him from making that deadline and almost was the end of Pokémon Fan Universe. Right now development is expected to pick up and finish during the Summer of 2005. Shining Arcanine hopes to make the release of the final version as revoluntionary as the Preview. Given the amount of functionality currently unexposed in the templates, this is possible depending upon one's definition of revoluntionary.
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