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Slugma has been featured on 22 different cards since it debuted in the Neo Revelation expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Slugma cards are normally Fire-type Basic Pokémon.

List of Pokémon cards featuring Slugma

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Slugma Fire Neo Revelation SetSymbolNeo Revelation.png Rarity Common.png 53/64 Awakening Legends SetSymbolNeo Revelation.png Rarity Common.png  
Slugma Fire Neo Destiny SetSymbolNeo Destiny.png Rarity Common.png 82/105 Darkness, and to Light... SetSymbolNeo Destiny.png Rarity Common.png  
Slugma Fire Skyridge SetSymbolSkyridge.png Rarity Common.png 98/144 Split Earth SetSymbolSplit Earth.png Rarity Common.png 018/088
Slugma Fire Skyridge SetSymbolSkyridge.png Rarity Common.png 99/144 Mysterious Mountains SetSymbolMysterious Mountains.png Rarity Common.png 020/088
Slugma Fire EX Dragon SetSymbolDragon.png Rarity Common.png 72/97 Rulers of the Heavens SetSymbolDragon.png Rarity Common.png 008/054
Slugma Fire EX Team Rocket Returns SetSymbolTeam Rocket Returns.png Rarity Common.png 77/109 Black Deck Kit SetSymbolTeam Rocket Returns.png   003/020
Slugma Fire EX Deoxys SetSymbolDeoxys.png Rarity Common.png 74/107 Rayquaza Constructed Starter Deck SetSymbolRayquaza Constructed Starter Deck.png   001/015
Slugma Fire EX Deoxys SetSymbolDeoxys.png Rarity Common.png 75/107 Clash of the Blue Sky SetSymbolDeoxys.png Rarity Common.png 015/082
Slugma Fire EX Unseen Forces SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png Rarity Common.png 73/115 Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png Rarity Common.png 015/106
Slugma Fire Great Encounters SetSymbolGreat Encounters.png Rarity Common.png 83/106 Dawn Dash SetSymbolMoonlit Pursuit Dawn Dash.png Rarity Common.png  
Slugma Fire Undaunted SetSymbolUndaunted.png Rarity Common.png 67/90 Reviving Legends SetSymbolReviving Legends.png Rarity Common.png 010/080
Slugma Fire Kalos Starter Set SetSymbolKalos Starter Set.png   6/39 XY Beginning Set SetSymbolXY Beginning Set.png   006/039
Slugma Fire XY SetSymbolXY.png Rarity Common.png 20/146 Collection X SetSymbolCollection X.png Rarity C.png 011/060
Slugma Fire Primal Clash SetSymbolPrimal Clash.png Rarity Common.png 22/160 Gaia Volcano SetSymbolGaia Volcano.png Rarity C.png 014/070
Slugma Fire B Celestial Storm SetSymbolCelestial Storm.png Rarity Common.png 23/168 Champion Road SetSymbolChampion Road.png Rarity C.png 009/066
Slugma Fire B Lost Thunder SetSymbolLost Thunder.png Rarity Common.png 43/214 Thunderclap Spark SetSymbolThunderclap Spark.png Rarity C.png 011/060
Slugma Fire C Cosmic Eclipse SetSymbolCosmic Eclipse.png Rarity Common.png 26/236 Dream League SetSymbolDream League.png Rarity C.png 004/049
Slugma Fire D Vivid Voltage SetSymbolVivid Voltage.png Rarity Common.png 027/185 Amazing Volt Tackle SetSymbolAmazing Volt Tackle.png Rarity C.png 014/100
Slugma Fire E Fusion Strike SetSymbolFusion Strike.png Rarity Common.png 034/264 Eevee Heroes SetSymbolEevee Heroes.png Rarity C.png 012/069
        Start Deck 100 SetSymbolStart Deck 100.png   053/414
Slugma Fire F Lost Origin SetSymbolLost Origin.png Rarity Common.png 021/196 Lost Abyss SetSymbolLost Abyss.png Rarity C.png 015/100
Slugma Fire H Temporal Forces SetSymbolTemporal Forces.png Rarity Common.png 028/162 Cyber Judge SetSymbolCyber Judge.png Rarity C.png 017/071
Slugma Fire H Twilight Masquerade SetSymbolTwilight Masquerade.png Rarity Common.png 028/167 Crimson Haze SetSymbolCrimson Haze.png Rarity C.png 012/066

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