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Shoddy Battle's interface

Shoddy Battle is a free online Pokémon battle simulator developed in Java Version 6. It incorporates a forum and a team builder into one program, free to download for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux.


Shoddy Battle is primarily developed using Java by Cathy and Bearzly, though it is noted that the Shoddy Battle 2 server will be written in C++.


Version 1.7

  • Release Date: September 19th, 2008

This is the current version of Shoddy Battle. This latest update added battle mechanics updates to correspond with Pokémon Platinum Version.

Version 2.0 (Pokémon Lab)

  • Release Date: Late 2009

On April 27th, 2009, Cathy (lead developer of Shoddy Battle) announced plans for Shoddy Battle 2. This was a major code change and mechanics upgrade to the application allowing for features such as Double Battles, improved networking and multiple language support. The server code was developed in C++ as opposed to the Java-based server that existed.

It was noted that bugs and issues with versions before 2.0 would be no longer be fixed by the developers, effectively leaving its Java-based development to Pokénet, an open-source Pokémon MMORPG which had used Shoddy Battle for its battle system.

Shoddy Battle 2 would be released as Pokémon Lab in September 2010.

Affiliation with Smogon

On April 24th, 2009, Shoddy Battle announced that they were affiliating with Smogon University. This led to their forums being replaced by a dedicated section on the Smogon Forums. However, starting on July 2, 2012, Smogon became affiliated with Pokémon Showdown instead.

Source code

The source code to Shoddy Battle is available under GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 and can be viewed online at their Sourceforge CVS. Source code for Shoddy Battle 2 is licensed under the same terms and can be viewed at the Mercurial Repository.

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