Shinji (The Legend of Thunder!)

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(Japanese: シンジ Shinji) is a character of the day who appeared in The Legend of Thunder!. He is a resident of Kasado City, which is located on Silver Rock Isle.

He challenged Jimmy to a Pokémon battle, claiming that he had never lost any battle up to that point. He sent out his Hitmonlee to battle Jimmy's Typhlosion and was surprised to see the strength of the Pokémon that he hoped to knock out with one attack.

Shinji did all he could but his Pokémon was defeated by Jimmy's high leveled Pokémon. After seeing his Pokémon injured, he decided to confirm if he was okay, and then Jimmy congratulated him on a great battle. Shinji bid him farewell, telling him that he and his Hitmonlee would learn from their defeat and be stronger when next they met.


This is a listing of Shinji's known Pokémon in the anime:

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Shinji's Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee was the choice of Shinji in the battle against Jimmy's Typhlosion. Hitmonlee began his shift using a powerful Jump Kick followed by a Rolling Kick that he hoped to defeat the opponent with, yet he still remained standing. Hitmonlee's Trainer tried another strategy where he had Hitmonlee use a Mega Kick, but he was no match for a Flamethrower used by Typhlosion. After the battle, Hitmonlee showed a sign that all was well with him and was congratulated by Jimmy and Typhlosion on a great battle.

Hitmonlee's known moves are Jump Kick, Rolling Kick, and Mega Kick.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 冬馬由美 Yumi Touma
English Andrew Rannells


  • The role of Shinji in the original Japanese version is slightly larger than the English dub; in the Japanese version he introduces himself to Jimmy after the battle and there is a scene where both Trainers exchange Pokégear phone numbers.
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