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The SOL Base is the area where rescued Pokémon are transferred in Pokémon Trozei! via the Trozei Beamer and SOL Satellite. There, the player will see Professor P, who will give them a basic rundown of the storyline.

If the player is visiting this location after the first time, Professor P will inform the player that they are to infiltrate the Secret Storage locations of the Phobos Battalion, and recover the stolen Pokémon in their Poké Balls using the Trozei Beamer.

There are four labs next to this base and it is located in the southeast of the region where Pokémon Trozei takes place. There is also a road leading away and a satellite dish on the roof.

Secret Storage
Secret Storage 1Secret Storage 2Secret Storage 3Secret Storage 4Secret Storage 5
Secret Storage 6Secret Storage 7Secret Storage 8Secret Storage 9Secret Storage 10
Secret Storage 11Secret Storage 12Secret Storage 13Secret Storage 14Secret Storage 15
Secret Storage 16Secret Storage 17Secret Storage 18Secret Storage 19Secret Storage 20
Huge Storage
Huge Storage 1Huge Storage 2Huge Storage 3Huge Storage 4Huge Storage 5
Phobos Mobiles
Phobos TrainPhobos JetPhobos DrillPhobos SubPhobos Walker
SOL Laboratories
SOL Laboratory 1SOL Laboratory 2SOL Laboratory 3SOL Laboratory 4SOL Laboratory 5
SOL BaseAgent CaféMr. Who's DenPhobos Secret Fort: Phobosphere

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