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The Battle Stadium (Japanese: バトルスタジアム Battle Stadium) is a feature of the Generation VIII Nintendo Switch core series games Pokémon Sword and Shield and the Generation IX core series games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that allows players to participate in Link Battles over the internet. Unlike Link Battles on Y-Comm, opponents are purely chosen by the game. It can be accessed from the Victory Station option (Generation VIII) or the Poké Portal option (Generation IX) in the menu. It is the successor to the Battle Spot in the Generation VI and VII games. To use the Battle Stadium, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required.

The available battle formats are Single Battles and Double Battles.

Ranked Battle

Ranked Battles (Japanese: ランクバトル Rank Battle) determine the player's ranking, which increases or decreases after each battle depending on whether the battle was won or lost and the rating of the opponent. Ratings are decreased at the end of each season (a month) before being carried over to the next season. Special Pokémon are prohibited. Rankings can be viewed in Pokémon HOME. It replaces the Rating Battle feature of the Battle Spot.

Depending on the number of points the player has, the player can reach one of several ranks, which themselves belong to one of five tiers, as detailed in the table below:

Tier Rank BP reward at the end of the season
Master Ball Tier MAX 600 BP
Ultra Ball Tier 10 300 BP
Great Ball Tier 7-9 100 BP
Poké Ball Tier 4-6 50 BP
Beginner Tier 1-3 50 BP

Players can receive various items by meeting certain conditions.

Defeating a Master Ball Tier player earns all of the winner's participating Pokémon the Master Rank Ribbon.

Casual Battle

Casual Battles (Japanese: カジュアルバトル Casual Battle) allow players to freely battle other players online. Unlike Ranked Battles, players can use special Pokémon. It replaces the Free Battle feature of the Battle Spot.

Online Competitions

There are two types of Online Competitions (Japanese: インターネット大会 Internet Competition): Official Competitions and Friendly Competitions.

Official Competitions

Official Competitions (Japanese: 公式大会 Official Competition) are competitions held with special battles with different regulations and formats. It replaces the Online Competitions of the Battle Spot. Players can receive Championship Points from certain competitions to qualify for the World Championships.

SV Online Competition - Ranked Battle Regulation C.jpg SV Online Competition - Ranked Battle Regulation D.jpg SV Online Competition - Ranked Battle Regulation E.jpg SV Online Competition - Ranked Battle Regulation F.jpg
Ranked Battle
Regulation C by
PLANETA Mochizuki[1]
Ranked Battle
Regulation D by
PLANETA Mochizuki[2]
Ranked Battle
Regulation E by
PLANETA Mochizuki[3]
Ranked Battle
Regulation F by
PLANETA Mochizuki[4]

SV Online Competition - Kitakami Prologue Logo.jpg SV Online Competition - Kitakami Prologue Logo (JP).jpg
Kitakami Prologue Logo Kitakami Prologue Logo (JP)
SV Online Competition - Trick Magic Logo.jpg SV Online Competition - Trick Magic Logo (JP).jpg
Trick Magic Logo Trick Magic Logo (JP)

Friendly Competitions

Main article: Friendly Competition

Players can host or participate in Friendly Competitions through the Battle Stadium.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰競技場 Deuijin Ginggeihchèuhng
Mandarin 對戰競技場 / 对战竞技场 Duìzhàn Jìngjìchǎng
France Flag.png French Stade de Combat
Germany Flag.png German Kampf-Stadion
Italy Flag.png Italian Stadio Lotta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 배틀스타디움 Battle Stadium
Russia Flag.png Russian Стадион сражений Stadion srazheniy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Estadio de Combate

Ranked Battle

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 級別對戰 Kāpbiht Deuijin
Mandarin 級別對戰 / 级别对战 Jíbié Duìzhàn
France Flag.png French Combat classé
Germany Flag.png German Rangkämpfe
Italy Flag.png Italian Lotta Competitiva
South Korea Flag.png Korean 랭크배틀 Rank Battle
Russia Flag.png Russian Рейтинговый поединок Reytingovy poyedinok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Combate Clasificatorio

Casual Battle

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 自由對戰 Jihyàuh Deuijin
Mandarin 自由對戰 / 自由对战 Zìyóu Duìzhàn
France Flag.png French Combat amical
Germany Flag.png German Zwanglose Kämpfe
Italy Flag.png Italian Lotta Amichevole
South Korea Flag.png Korean 캐주얼배틀 Casual Battle
Russia Flag.png Russian Обычный поединок Obychny poyedinok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Combate Amistoso

Online Competition

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 網路大賽 Móhnglouh Daaihchoi
Mandarin 網路大賽 Wǎnglù Dàsài *
互联网大赛 Hùliánwǎng Dàsài *
France Flag.png French Compétition Internet
Germany Flag.png German Online-Turnier
Italy Flag.png Italian Gara Online
South Korea Flag.png Korean 인터넷 대회 Internet Daehoe
Russia Flag.png Russian Онлайн-соревнование Onlayn-sorevnovaniye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo en Línea

Official Competition

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 官方大賽 Gūnfōng Daaihchoi
Mandarin 官方大賽 / 官方大赛 Guānfāng Dàsài
France Flag.png French Compétition officielle
Germany Flag.png German Offizielle Turniere
Italy Flag.png Italian Gara Ufficiale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 공식 대회 Gongsik Daehoe
Russia Flag.png Russian Официальное соревнование Ofitsial'noye sorevnovaniye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo oficial


English English Japanese Kana Japanese Rōmaji French French German German Italian Italian Spanish Spanish Korean Hangul Korean Romanized Chinese Hànzì Chinese Romanized
Master Ball Tier マスターボール級 Master Ball Kyū Niveau Master Ball Meisterball-Klasse Classe Master Ball Nivel Maestro 마스터볼급 Master Ball Geup 大師球級 / 大师球级 Dàshī Qiú Jí / Daaihsī Kàuh Kāp
Ultra Ball Tier ハイパーボール級 Hyper Ball Kyū Niveau Hyper Ball Hyperball-Klasse Classe Ultra Ball Nivel Avanzado 하이퍼볼급 Hyper Ball Geup 高級球級 / 高级球级 Gāojí Qiú Jí / Gōukāp Kàuh Kāp
Great Ball Tier スーパーボール級 Super Ball Kyū Niveau Super Ball Superball-Klasse Classe Mega Ball Nivel Alto 수퍼볼급 Super Ball Geup 超級球級 / 超级球级 Chāojí Qiú Jí / Chīukāp Kàuh Kāp
Poké Ball Tier モンスターボール級 Monster Ball Kyū Niveau Poké Ball Pokéball-Klasse Classe Poké Ball Nivel Normal 몬스터볼급 Monster Ball Geup 精靈球級 / 精灵球级 Jīnglíng Qiú Jí / Jīnglìhng Kàuh Kāp
Beginner Tier ビギナー級 Beginner Kyū Niveau Débutant Anfänger-Klasse Classe Principiante Nivel Principiante 비기너급 Beginner Geup 新手級 / 新手级 Xīnshǒu Jí / Sānsáu Kāp

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