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Pokejungle logo.png
PokéJungle.net's logo, featuring Sewaddle
Language English
Status Active
Run 2003 - Present
Date opened Late 2003
Creator Paul ("pokejungle" or "PJ")
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum PokéJungle Forums
Mascot Sewaddle*
Website Main page

PokéJungle.net is a personal blog and Pokémon news source, run by the webmaster, Paul (who also goes by the name "pokejungle"). The site had its highest activity record broken around the release of Pokémon X and Y.


PokéJungle.net was started in around late 2003 or early 2004 by its webmaster Paul. The site was originally started on free hosting but is now maintained on a dedicated server. Early on the site was known simply as PokéJungle, though later the site became PokéJungle Network, the name by which it is known today.

The PokéJungle Network now consists of three main sites: PokéJungle.net, Smeargle's Playground and Mt. Moon Community.

PokéJungle.net's webmaster, Paul, wrote in his bio:

"A little PJN History:

  • Started in late 2003 / early 2004 when I was 13. I used my ISP's free webspace.
  • Hosts of PJN include Earthlink, Hosting Anime, Freewebs, Shyper, Elixant, and Downtown Host
  • "PokeJungle" was the original site name until I added "Network" awhile after. There was also a period of time (2 months maybe) when it was called "Crobat’s Jungle".
  • The early forums used ProBoards and were named "Crobat’s Cavern". This later became Mt. Moon Community after we rebranded it and launched it on my own hosting.
  • Most people to visit my site in one day was 80,937 when Black and White launched in Japan."[1]

Site changes

Like many fansites, PokéJungle.net has gone through many changes. The most recent change was a complete update of the site's layout on July 29, 2010. PokéJungle recently held a contest, open to visitors, to create a new banner for the site. However, he ended up joining with TopHat of PLDH.[2] They created a new minimalistic style, centered around the new Grass-type first partner Pokémon, Snivy.
As well as a style change, the site also partnered with Smeargle's Canvas, an oekaki also owned by Paul, where PokéJungle.net's visitors may post their own fanart.


PokéJungle.net is a blog. Much like other blogs, PokéJungle.net has a wide variety of content posted on its front page.

News and updates

Like many other Pokémon fansites, Paul posts Pokémon-related news on his website. Newly revealed information on Pokémon games, downloadable event Pokémon and magazine leaks are some of the things that Paul may post on the site from time to time. He also posts personal updates on his website — anything that he would like to share with his visitors.


Paul may post unconfirmed information and rumors on his site. Some of the rumors on PokéJungle.net are translated from the Japanese website, 2ch. Many rumors posted on the site have later been confirmed true.


Utilizing all areas of his site's connection abilities, Paul has held contests for event Pokémon that he or his staff download onto their Japanese Pokémon games. To enter the competitions, one usually has to leave a comment on an update, on the forums or on the site's Facebook or Twitter page. The prizes for previous contests have included Arceus, Mew, Manaphy, Latias and Latios, Goon Scizor and Satoshi's Pikachu.


  • Paul (also known as "pokejungle" or "PJ") - Head of PokéJungle.net
  • Daedardus
  • Kriffix
  • moving
  • Ozymandis


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